A Few Simple Actions Can Support Vein Health

Vein Treatment Sewickley | Beaver PASpider veins and varicose veins are not just a matter of cosmetic appearance. For the millions of people in the United States who are living with vein disease, there is much more on the line. Varicose veins, in particular, can become disturbingly uncomfortable, causing the legs to throb and ache more often than not. While there is genetics involved in the development of vein disease, there are also ways that each person can mitigate the risks handed down through their family lineage. The good news is that they are simple.

Strategy #1 – Move.

To move the body is to give life to circulatory function. Where there is circulation, there is less chance for blood to accumulate. In a large percentage of cases of varicose veins, sedentary lifestyle has been identified as a major factor. Yes, we sit more today than our ancestors did. We work at desks, not in fields. This has paved the way for numerous health conditions. As movement relates to varicose veins, what experts advise is a bit of movement on an hourly basis. Exercising in the morning and then sitting at a desk all day means very little regarding prevention. Frequency is what makes the difference that counts.

Tip: If you have varicose veins and walking is uncomfortable, wear graduated compression stockings. The slight pressure can support your legs and enable you to feel more comfortable during mild physical exercise.

Strategy #2 – Make comfort a priority.

There are several reasons why the average person is interested in their appearance. To look good doesn’t have to mean putting your comfort on the line. It is no secret that high-heeled shoes are detrimental to vein health, especially if varicose veins are already present. To prioritize comfort in clothing and footwear means to support vein health. Now that’s simple!

Strategy #3 – It’s all about the TLC.

We all need a little TLC from time to time. Our veins do, too. Luckily, this strategy has a doubly-beneficial effect. Experts say that elevation is good for circulation; lying in a way that puts the feet above the heart, so blood flows more efficiently from the lower extremities. Going one step further and placing your feet up on a wall while lying on your back is also said to be a good sleep aid.

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