Posts From January, 2018

Potential Reasons for Your Leg Pain

When leg pain occurs, there may be a number of potential reasons. Pain comes in all shapes and sizes; so to say you have leg pain is just the beginning of a journey toward wellness. Most of the time, when varicose veins are the reason for leg pain, accompanying symptoms (uh, visible veins!) make it… Read More »

Endovenous Thermal Ablation Pittsburgh PA

Regain Comfort with Endovenous Thermal Ablation

Crossing your legs will cause varicose veins. If you exercise, your varicose veins will get worse. Only women get varicose veins. These are just a few of the common statements that are spread about poor vein health. Maybe you’ve heard them, plus a few more. When we hear information like this, we may take it… Read More »

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