Regain Comfort with Endovenous Thermal Ablation

Endovenous Thermal Ablation Pittsburgh PACrossing your legs will cause varicose veins.

If you exercise, your varicose veins will get worse.

Only women get varicose veins.

These are just a few of the common statements that are spread about poor vein health. Maybe you’ve heard them, plus a few more. When we hear information like this, we may take it as truth. As far as these particular statements go, there is no truth to them. The fact of the matter is that millions of people do suffer from varicose veins. One of the goals here at Vena Health & Wellness is providing accurate information about vein disease and what can be done to improve comfort and appearance. What we want to share with you here is how endovenous thermal ablation may help you.

Endovenous Thermal Ablation: What is it?

By the long name, EVTA sounds complicated. It’s not. Essentially, this is a laser therapy treatment that closes ropy, bulging veins and thus diminishes all of the nasty side effects of varicose veins. You know, the aching and cramping, the heaviness and fatigue; those side effects. The procedure is performed in an office setting using the local anesthetic to make the process as comfortable as possible. Endovenous thermal ablation is performed using ultrasound to help us target the vein in a strategic manner. The small probe heats the vein, which causes closure. Usually, the entire procedure takes no more than an hour. Once it is done, you can go straight home and will be able to start walking right away.

If you see similarities between EVTA and sclerotherapy, the procedure that has commonly been used on mild to moderate varicose veins for many years, you’re right on the mark. Ultimately, the two procedures seek to achieve the same objective: to close unhealthy veins. What differs is the technique in which this is accomplished.

Which Vein Treatment is Right for You?

The reason why there are several options in how varicose veins are treated is that every person is different. Every situation is different. Where sclerotherapy may be appropriate or preferred in one case, endovenous thermal ablation may be better suited for others. In our vein clinics, our goal is to develop a treatment plan that is suitable for your needs and preferences.

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