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Vein Treatment Pittsburgh PA

It’s Almost Baby Season! What That Means for your Legs.

To be pregnant is both exciting and a bit nerve-wracking. So many changes take place in such a short period of time that it can be more than a little overwhelming. Because pregnancy is a temporary “condition,” most of the changes and experiences that occur are relatively easy to manage. From weight gain to morning… Read More »

Vein Treatment Pittsburgh PA

A Few Simple Actions Can Support Vein Health

Spider veins and varicose veins are not just a matter of cosmetic appearance. For the millions of people in the United States who are living with vein disease, there is much more on the line. Varicose veins, in particular, can become disturbingly uncomfortable, causing the legs to throb and ache more often than not. While… Read More »

vein treatments PA

Renew Youthfulness with Maximum Impact Treatment

We’re all about maximum impact around here. Our methods of treating varicose and spider veins are just the beginning. Vena Health & Wellness also has an aesthetics center in which your cosmetic concerns can be managed with appropriate treatments. Lines, wrinkles, and discoloration can be handled bit by bit with methods such as Botox, dermal… Read More »

Compression Therapy PA

Compression Therapy for Varicose Veins

If you have varicose veins, you are probably all-too-familiar with symptoms. People who live with swollen veins for an extended period understand well that the cosmetic aspect of varicose veins is only one small detail. The aching, the cramping, the fatigue; these are symptoms that can get in the way of quality of life just… Read More »

Varicose veins treatment Pittsburgh, PA

A Funny Thing Happened . .

There is something very interesting that occurs when a condition or concerns are prevalent: the internet becomes overloaded with information about it! Tips for prevention, details on potential cures, and theories related to risks. As vein specialists with decades of clinical experience, we quite frankly hate to see patients led astray. Here, we want to… Read More »

Benefits of Vein Treatment | Pittsburgh PA

Vein Treatment goes Beyond Aesthetic Improvement

There is no denying that varicose veins can ruin your desire to wear shorts or skirts. The bulging, the roping! Yuck! If you have been considering what you can do about varicose veins, take your foot off the brakes and call Vena Health & Wellness. Our vein specialists have been providing personalized care to patients… Read More »

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