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Vein Treatments PA | Skin RejuvenationWe’re all about maximum impact around here. Our methods of treating varicose and spider veins are just the beginning. Vena Health & Wellness also has an aesthetics center in which your cosmetic concerns can be managed with appropriate treatments. Lines, wrinkles, and discoloration can be handled bit by bit with methods such as Botox, dermal fillers, and laser treatments. These concerns can also be addressed with our Triniti Plus treatment; a virtual all-in-one for your skin.

Maximum results with minimal downtime. That is what is possible with Triniti treatments. The combination of technologies synergizes beneath the skin to brighten, smooth, and tone in three simple steps.

  • Triniti Plus begins with laser light and bi-polar radio frequency to penetrate the superficial tissue to excite collagen-producing cells to kick into high gear. This combination of therapies invokes healing from the inside out.
  • Next, treatment focuses on restructuring the collagen that is already in place. The varying wavelengths of radiofrequency and light energy reach deep into connective tissues where cells produce collagen and elastin. The gentle heat from these modalities causes constriction in the bands of collagen beneath the skin, achieving immediate improvement. The subsequent production of healthy, new collagen further supports these tightened strands for long-term tone.
  • Deep wrinkles are addressed during the final phase of Triniti treatment, during which targets cells with fractionated bipolar radio frequency. This energy is gentler than laser skin resurfacing, so there is little downtime associated with treatment. At the same time, the healing response to fractionated energies is faster, encouraging more noticeable results.

If you haven’t heard by now, anti-aging is all about the collagen. There are other ways to quickly restore a more youthful appearance, and we are proud to provide those to our patients. We call Triniti Plus the mecca of anti-aging because this treatment works for long-term gains. For the maximum impact right away, patients often choose to combine their Triniti Plus treatment with injectables.

Learn more about treatments that boost collagen for younger looking skin. Contact Vena Health & Wellness at 724-591-8083. A friendly member of our staff is happy to assist you with a convenient appointment time.

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