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What is Microphlebectomy (Varicose Veins Removal)?

Microphlebectomy for varicose veins is a procedure done at your vascular surgeon’s office to remove large & visible surface varicose veins. The treatment targets veins that are too large or tortuous for Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLT) or sclerotherapy treatments.

Microphlebectomy Treats:

Microphlebectomy treats varicose veins that are present just below the surface of the skin.

Varicose Vein Removal Procedure

Dr. Collier and Dr. Fazi perform the procedure with the assistance of a registered nurse. Before the procedure commences, we inject local anesthesia into the treatment area. Then, very small incisions are made along the varicose veins and we are able to remove the veins through the skin using a small hook similar to a crochet hook.

Does Varicose Vein Removal Hurt?

You will experience very minimal to no discomfort during the treatment. Typically, the treatment is extremely tolerable for the patients.

How many sessions will I need?

We are able to remove problem veins in one session per leg, as long as the venous disease is not excessive. In cases where the the number of abnormal veins is excessive, the vascular surgeon is limited by the amount of local anesthesia that he or she can administer at one time. Microphlebectomy can be used in combination with other procedures to treat problem veins.

side effects and risks of Microphlebectomy

Possible side effects of microphlebectomy include:

  • bruising of the skin
  • inflammation
  • local discomfort
  • infection
  • allergic reaction
  • hematoma – a small collection of old blood where the problem vein was removed.

Microphlebectomy Treatment Recovery

After the treatment, we encourage light walking to begin the recovery process.
Immediately following the procedure, we instruct our patients to avoid the following:
  • All vigorous activity (Ex: yoga,running)
  • All strenuous exercise

We recommend this for two to three days depending on your comfort and Dr. Collier’s and Dr. Fazi’s recommendations.

We recommend for our patients to avoid the following for up to one week following the procedure:
  • Hot tubs
  • Saunas
  • Steam rooms
 We require our patients to wear some form of compression for one week after their treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Microphlebectomy?

Your insurance will cover the microphlebectomy treatment after pre-approval process is complete. Our insurance co-coordinator will work with both you and your insurance company to obtain approval. Sometimes we must provide photographs of the veins to the insurance company to obtain approval. If we cannot secure approval for the procedure our staff will work with you to determine if there are other treatment options available to treat your problem.

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