Posts From September, 2017

Venous Ulcers Sewickley PA | Pittsburgh

Another Look at Skin and Your Veins

The skin is an amazing organ that is in a state of constant regeneration. Each day, nearly one million skin cells are shed, making way for healthy new cells to emerge. Typically, the turnover of skin cells occurs in a cyclical nature. Sometimes, though, these cells build up on the surface. This may cause the… Read More »

Treatment of Varicose Veins Sewickley PA | Pittsburgh

When Dermatitis Isn’t About Your Skin

Dermatitis is typically a term that we hear when discussing some dermatologic concern. For example, eczema, a chronic skin irritation, is a type of dermatitis. This scientific term is frequently used to describe a variety of conditions that cause inflammation of the skin. For this reason, it is possible that dermatitis on the lower legs… Read More »

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