Potential Reasons for Your Leg Pain

Vein Treatment Pittsburgh PAWhen leg pain occurs, there may be a number of potential reasons. Pain comes in all shapes and sizes; so to say you have leg pain is just the beginning of a journey toward wellness. Most of the time, when varicose veins are the reason for leg pain, accompanying symptoms (uh, visible veins!) make it relatively easy to spot the culprit. Most of the time. Sometimes, pain comes before veins can be seen. And sometimes, veins are so deep that they will only present symptoms such as pain and leg fatigue.

Here, we want to go through a short list of some common types of leg pain to help you understand what yours may be telling you.

  • Leg cramps. Cramping might coincide with vein disease. However, one of the most common reasons for this type of pain is dehydration. Cramping from dehydration is related to low levels of salt in the blood. Exercise may also cause muscles to cramp temporarily. This is especially important to know if you’re beginning a new exercise program to support vein health after treatment like sclerotherapy. Any new activity or new level of activity may shock the muscles somewhat. Just be sure to stretch and drink plenty of water and you should see this type of leg pain diminish.
  • Sciatica. This is a type of leg pain that is pretty easy to identify. Pain usually shoots down the leg from an original point in the low back. In addition to leg pain, sciatica often can be felt through the buttock on the affected side. Sciatica may improve with rest and stretching. However, pain that lingers should be evaluated by your medical doctor.
  • Low leg pain. When pain is localized at the lower part of the calf, this may indicate that the Achilles tendon has been stretched or overused. Athletes may suffer this type of leg pain more than the average person who is less intense about their physical activity. Wearing high heels has also been associated with pain in the low calf, though. It is important to rest if it is suspected that low leg pain is attributed to a tendon.

The physicians and staff at Vena Health & Wellness can assist you in eliminating leg pain associated with vein disease. The professional treatments that we provide are an excellent compliment to healthy lifestyle habits that support vein health. To learn more about our services, call 412-741-0480.

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