Are Compressions Stockings the Solution You Really Need for Vein Health?

Vein Treatments Sewickley, PA | Pittsburgh A lot of discussions are had about the ways to prevent and manage vein health. We don’t give much thought to the overall functionality of our veins until we have to. Even the early warning signs of varicose veins may not cause much alarm. When we do begin to feel physical symptoms such as aching and fatigue, we understandably want to know how to reduce them – and fast. Compression may seem like the logical first step.

Compression therapy has frequently been used by individuals and has also been recommended by physicians for patients who are recovering from medical vein treatment. This suggests that compression does provide a sense of relief from certain symptoms. It does not necessarily suggest, though, that wearing compression stockings will prevent untreated, varicose veins from getting worse. Optimal results regarding physical comfort and efficient management of venous insufficiency come from a combination of factors, proper medical care being one of the most important.

What is Achieved with Compression

The reason why compression stockings exist is that of the theory that pressure on the veins supports circulation. When compression socks are worn, the graduated pressure is applied from the feet on up the calf. As the sock reaches up to the leg, pressure decreases slightly. The objective of compression is to facilitate the upward movement of blood through veins by “tightening” venous structure. When veins are under pressure, the valves should work with greater efficiency to push blood in the right direction and thereby prevent pooling.

Know Your Starting Point

Because compression garments exist, it is easy to reach for any pair of compression socks before obtaining proper evaluation and diagnosis. The starting point to any vein management is a consultation with a vein specialist. Vena Health and Wellness has offices Beaver, Sewickley, and Grove City. Consultation is performed to discern the level of venous insufficiency and discuss potential treatment options. There is no pressure to act immediately on veins unless there is a clear danger presented in the vein, which usually is not the case.

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