Understanding Lymphedema

Lymphedema Pittsburgh | Sewickley, PA Lymphedema occurs when a limb or other part of your body experiences swelling due to a disruption of the lymphatic system, which is designed to carry infection-killing white blood cells. This condition is typically not painful, but you may have bruising, tension or tightness surrounding the affected area. When it does become painful, it’s usually caused by an active infection in your limb puts pressure on nerves and tissue. Those who are most at risk for lymphedema are patients with a history of cancer, genetics, heart or circulation complications, obesity and infection in the affected area.

While there is no cure for lymphedema, there are steps you can take to learn how to manage this condition.

How to Manage Lymphedema

  • Compression. One of the best ways to treat swollen limbs is by applying firm pressure to the affected area by wearing a compression garment to keep swelling at bay. This treatment is key for effectively treating lymphedema.
  • Drainage. Lymphatic drainage is useful for massaging the skin to mobilize and move fluid buildup to other parts of the body where it can be absorbed. Talk to your doctor about at-home techniques you can do to promote lymphatic drainage.
  • Exercise. Staying active is essential for keeping blood and fluid pumping through our muscles. Walk daily, perform basic limb movements or go swimming. These activities are great ways to prevent swelling.
  • Maintain healthy skin. When you’re lymphatic system is lacking, even simple cuts or scrapes can lead to potential health problems. That’s why it’s important to take care of your skin my moisturizing daily and shaving carefully to avoid infections.

If you are actively committed to controlling your lymphedema, it is possible to have a long, healthy life without complications.

Do you suffer from complications from lymphedema?

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