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Juvederm Voluma Wexford PAAt Vena Health & Wellness, a lot of the work we do revolves around helping patients feel better about their appearance. Vein treatments not only improve physical comfort, but they also make it easier to wear shorts and skirts when the weather permits. In addition to providing expert care for vein disease, we are also affiliated with Tranquility WellSPA in North Pittsburgh. Here, clients can address aesthetic concerns that often occur with age.

With age and the loss of collagen, men and women begin to notice concerns like jowls, lines and wrinkles around the mouth, and sagging skin. This happens because the scaffold that holds the uppermost layers of tissue in place breaks down gradually over time. Fat pads that lie over the cheekbones diminish, which sends the skin South (for far longer than the Winter). The decline in collagen and elastin also make the skin more delicate and fragile. As you may be aware, these changes in the skin can be mitigated with dermal fillers. The question is, which one?

Recently, the necessity for mid-facial volume has become a hot topic. This is because clinical studies and the common performance of facial plastic surgery and injectable treatments have revealed a focus on this area of the face. The volume that exists across the mid-face, or cheeks, affects everything from the under eyes on down to the chin. Most people lose fat from the cheeks at some point; and when they do, the answer may be VOLUMA® XC.

Juvederm VOLUMA® XC

Voluma is a Juvederm product that was formulated specifically for the cheek area. This filler is made with hyaluronic acids, like some other dermal fillers commonly used today. However, it is different in its density. Where other fillers may be softer and more fluid, Voluma is viscous and malleable. When introduced into the cheek area, this filler can be gently massaged into the exact positioning needed to achieve the desired outcome. Another benefit of the thicker nature of Voluma is that this filler lasts significantly longer than most others; up to 2 years versus 9 to 12 months.

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