Is it Vacation Time? Here’s how you can Help your Veins!

Vein Treatment | Pittsburgh PAHealthy habits are vital to wellness and longevity. Most of us know this, and yet so many of us still struggle to develop a plan we can stick with. Once you have a workout routine that you look forward to, something may happen to take you out of your normal day to day life. During the summer months, that “something” is often a sweet little vacation you so desperately need. Does being away from home have to take you away from your long-term health goals? Would your vein health suffer all that much, anyway? It’s possible that you could take a short break from your healthy habits, but you don’t have to. Not if you tuck away a few simple tips!

Steps to Remain Active

  • Take a class. What could be more fun than a sunrise yoga class on that tropical beach or breezy mountainside? Maybe you’re more high-speed and would prefer to find a spin or Zumba class in the neighborhood to enjoy during that trip to Grandma’s. Classes are a great way to stay active and involved, especially before a long flight or car ride.
  • Go sightseeing. Walking is highly beneficial for vein health and general wellness. When on vacation, walk those blocks rather than relying on your Uber driver, if you can. Just remember, when you’ve been walking all day, your legs will need a break! Take time to sit beneath those trees in the park. In fact, lie back and put your feet up if you can.
  • Make the most of the nature. Being in the great outdoors promotes emotional wellbeing as much as it fuels the body with more energy. Summertime activities may include bike riding or a gentle hike. Maybe you’d like to give paddle boarding a try or prefer a long walk on the beach. Working out doesn’t always mean hitting the gym. Vacation can provide an excellent opportunity to mix it up a bit. You never know, you just might bring home a new favorite hobby!

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Regular movement is advantageous if you are predisposed to vein diseases like spider veins or varicose veins. When treatment becomes necessary, we are here to help you. Contact Vena Health & Wellness to see how.

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