Are You Getting Botox Yet?

Botox Sewickley PA | InjectablesBotox has been a leader in the field of anti-aging medicine pretty much since the day it hit the market. Men and women quickly come to love the way they can so easily reduce the signs of aging such as crow’s feet and frown lines. If you have shied away from Botox, we may know why. As popular as this treatment is, there are a few misconceptions that still exist. We’re going to point them out here, correct them, and invite you to learn more during a personal consultation in our friendly office in Cranberry Township.

The Matter of Timing

It is a misperception that Botox is a treatment aimed only at reducing existing concerns like worry lines or sagging brows. What we are finding lately is that Botox is an excellent way to get a head start on the whole aging process. Patients as young as their twenties are getting treatment to ease the intensity of muscle contractions in the upper face. As a result of limited muscle activity, problems such as lines and sagging may not develop as early as they would otherwise.

More on This Point . . .

So, if Botox works so well at postponing symptoms of growing older, why not start it as soon as you can? Some doctors report calls from young adults aged 18 to 20 years old asking about Botox treatment. At this young of age, what does the most good for aging is to use sunscreen and sun safety practices like wearing a hat when outdoors for long periods. Skin care is another aspect of aging-care for younger adults. When lines become slightly obvious when frowning or laughing, that is a good time to explore Botox.

Botox: The Aftermath

The idea that wrinkles will ultimately look worse if you get Botox and then let the muscle-relaxing effects fade away is completely false. Facial aging is not worsened by any aesthetic treatment you could get, including Botox. What lends to the appearance of lines and wrinkles it the mere process of aging, which occurs all on its own. Certain habits, such as tanning, smoking and consuming too much alcohol, also provoke lines and wrinkles out of hiding. Where Botox is concerned, patients who have been routinely treated notice that they look younger for longer durations in between touch-ups.

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