“For over a year and a half, I suffered from pain from my calf up into my thigh and hip. I especially had discomfort when I would lie down to sleep. My family doctor suggested seeing Dr. Collier to examine my vein and arteries in my legs to see if he could detect a problem. A sonogram showed a circulatory reflux problem in the inner veins.
In order to make it clear to me what the situation was, the doctor made a diagram showing me the problem, and what can be done about it through a laser treatment. The questions I asked were answered to my satisfaction and a procedure date was scheduled.
The doctor and his very competent assistants took time to examine what they would b e doing and this helped put me at ease. The entire treatment did not take long and it went very well with only minor discomfort. They stressed the importance of things for me to do to help the healing process. Within 7 to 10 days the pain receded. I was able to walk without pain and also get a good nights sleep.”
– Tamara

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